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Questions That Should Be Asked
Questions for Chemo Services and Women with Thinning Hair:

1. Are you licensed to perform services, cutting, combing, and fitting of wigs?

2. What training have you had?

3. How long have you provided full service wigs and hairpieces?

4. Do you provide full service or just retail?

Questions for Alopecia and Burn Survivors:

1. What is different about your wigs and hairpieces?

2. How do you get a custom fit?

3. How long do they last?

4. Are some wigs more comfortable than others?

Questions for Men with Hair Loss:

1. Can I get an undetectable look?

2. Can I swim, play sports and be active?

3. Is there a lot of up keep?

4. Can I add just a little at a time?

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